"Mission impossible" - our mission

PROF REALTY & DEVELOPMENT Group was established in 2005 to implement the big investment projects in the Russian real estate market by merging of assets of several project design and construction private companies. For that purposes, the specialized divisions which received the appropriate licences were set up.


The real estate market of the Moscow Region as well as in the whole Russia has higher profit return rates than the markets of the Eastern Europe, and even much higher rates than the markets of the Western Europe.

PROF REALTY & DEVELOPMENT is oriented to foreign investors who are interested in real estate investments,  particularly in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

The number of investment transactions is growing rapidly. Thanks to our staff who have a wide experience in organising the investment transactions as well as performing financial, legal and technical analysis, PROF REALTY & DEVELOPMENT is one of the most highly professional Russian companies in this field today.

PROF REALTY & DEVELOPMENT provides its customers and investors with a full range of services in development, investment and asset management. In addition to the overall management of development processes, the Group offers the “turnkey” construction and renders the services from pre-design and design documentation to commissioning.   

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